Digital Marketing

Facebook Advertising Services

Our team of professionals understands the nuances of the Facebook platform and can help you wade through the millions of Facebook members to show your message only to the most qualified prospects.

Facebook offers a unique tool called Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences allows you to upload your email list into the Facebook platform to identify matches. This allows you to display targeted messages for up-sell or cross-sell purposes. Cornerstone can help you with this process with our team of data and social media professionals.

There are many Facebook advertising products that you can choose from. Cornerstone will help you with a complete service that includes selecting the targeting segments, writing your ad copy, setting up your campaign, and providing you with complete tracking and measurement so you can ensure that your campaign is successful.

In addition to Facebook advertising you may want to explore other social media advertising opportunities such as YouTube advertising. All our web marketing services including social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, PPC advertising, local search engine optimization and email marketing services are offered from our office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. From there we serve Clients throughout Canada and the United States.

Getting Started: Use the Guide to Cornerstone Form to find out how we can help you find customers using our Social Media Marketing services.