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Cornerstone's Agile Database Solution

Organize and optimize your most vital customer or prospect information in Cornerstone's Agile Database Solution.

Are you ready to instantly go-to-market with your products and services, any time you want, knowing that your prospect or customer data, regardless of source, is clean, accurate and all in one place? If not, Cornerstone offers you our Agile Database Solution, ready to go, with no upfront build costs.

Cornerstone uses industry leading SAS™ Software to deliver full-featured data integration technologies that tackle today's rapidly growing data volumes and sources, enabling you to make better and faster decisions.

Our Agile Database Solution is:

  • A fully scalable multi-channel marketing database, designed to address all of your requirements.
  • Dynamically designed to accommodate all levels/types of data inputs (sources/suppressions).
  • Able to handle all types of marketing campaigns and channels. It is industry-agnostic.
  • A closed-loop marketing fulfillment process. This includes both response tracking and post analysis.
  • Able to deliver both traditional and online channels as well as tracking and capturing responses.
  • Fitted with real-time connectors.
  • Administered by a dedicated Quality Control department that tracks and maintains the quality of incoming and outgoing data.

Getting Started: Use the Guide to Cornerstone Form to find out how we can help you find and keep good customers using our Agile Database Solution.