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The best productivity solutions for in-house or external call centres.

Cornerstone offers two methods for Telemarketers to populate their address capture inbound call systems.

Web Services Call Centre Solution:

When a call comes into a call centre, the callers number and associated  name and address info is sent via our web services tool to your call centre’s software application.  This “virtual” database within your own application can save key strokes that would otherwise have to be captured from the caller.  

Full Call Centre Solution:

Rather than use Cornerstone’s web services solution, you can license our Info-Direct™ data for your environment so that when a call comes in, your software will query Info-direct™ and populate your input screen with data associated with the inbound number. An efficient way to immediately get the customer data you need by housing our data internally.

Getting Started: Use the Guide To Cornerstone to find out how we can help you implement tools to enhance your data.