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    Cornerstone Rolls Out A New Business Intelligence Platform:

    Cornerstone has integrated Qlik's Business Intelligence Platform with our Agile Database solution to enhance our Clients' experiences accessing and querying their data. Find out more about Qlik on their official site.

    What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Have To Stay in Vegas!

    Mariam Seirafi, our Senior Director, Business Solutions & Analytics recently presented on the benefits of Automated Predictive Modelling at the Global SAS Forum in Las Vagas. To find Mariam's presentation please download it here.

    Cornerstone Creates a New Product Centered Around Customer "Ethos"

    Cornerstone has developed a new way to think about targeting and segmentation. Based on the work of a Nobel laureate, this product taps into the essence of who consumers are and why they make the choices and buying decisions they do. It focuses on the ethos deep within us beyond our values, demographics and world view to the deeper triggers that drive our life decisions. Armed with this information, marketers can now use different creative packages that address the ethos of their customers and prospects. To learn - email


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