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    Has The Threat Of A Postal Disruption Got You Thinking About Email?


    Has the threat of a Canadian postal disruption got you to thinking more about email?
    Worried about getting your message out in the event of a Canadian postal disruption? Why not contact Cornerstone to discuss what email options are available to you in the future?

    Getting Started On Email Campaigns

    Have you considered reaching your prospects by way of email? Our list brokers research and monitor all of the high quality and privacy-compliant Canadian email lists. And our digital staff does flawless email prospecting and deployment.
    Ensure Your E-Marketing Is Fully Privacy Compliant

    Not all e-marketing vendors are as up-to-date on CASL Compliance regulations as we are. Our privacy experts will not only protect you from contacting the wrong people, but will also help you to reach the right ones, thereby increasing your response rates.
    Ready, Set, E-blast Your Prospects!

    Our email list brokers and in-house programmers and creative staff will work together to create the right HTML and then broadcast your email campaign utilizing our email broadcasting application. They will also follow up by monitoring, analyzing and reporting on your e-mail open rates, click through rates, removal requests and response rates.
    Get Started Now

    All you have to do to get started is email us at

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