Your Customer Has Opted In. Now What?


Marketers have always known that they must not only find new customers, but retain them too. Given the increasing expense of new customer acquisition, the focus on retaining customers has become especially important. And due to the burst of information that customers are now permitting companies to access, marketers know way more about their customers than ever before - and can even predict what their customers want!

Everything from website surveys, to online forms, to sign-ups for newsletters, to e-commerce transactions, to cookie data, to any offline interaction that captures a customer’s online data means your customers are providing you with rich information that you can leverage to build a holistic view of each of them and to reconnect with them at the most appropriate time.

The challenge is that while all this great information is available to you, you might struggle with limited resources to manage it efficiently, and to deliver effective campaigns.

At Cornerstone we work with marketers to choose the right retention tactics for them to grow their relationships with their customers. Here’s a few things we’re currently doing for our Clients:

1.     We manage club memberships
2.     We create customer segmentation and targeting clusters and tactics to reach them optimally
3.     We manage campaign execution and tracking
4.     We monitor campaigns to ensure they are performing
5.     We handle the technical planning behind data marketing campaigns
6.     We track and integrate email, mail and website marketing activity
7.     Handle call centre services, including feeding associated transactional data into our Clients’ customer databases

8.     Provide an integrated 360 view of customers.

Have us come to your offices and let’s plan a custom retention strategy that works! Email for more details.

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