Data In The Age Of The Customer


When it comes to technology, stand back and look at the big picture and just how much has changed around us. It’s truly quite amazing.

This is especially true when it comes to marketing innovations and data. One day we’re learning about Instagram for the first time and just how to connect with our audience through this channel and the next day we are scrambling to figure out SnapChat or what new media buys are available in the rapidly changing world of traditional television.

And while we are all trying to manage our current marketing efforts, optimize existing channels and find new data to fuel our targeting, it’s easy to forget that we should also be on the lookout for new consumer behaviours - with these come significant data insights that can help us build our brands.

It’s helpful to observe and talk to the younger savvy generation and analyze new digitally-forward companies to help us predict the future of how our own customers might act and how we should next plan to capture and segment data in this “age of the customer”.

Why call it the “age of the customer” you may ask?

Check out some of these amazing digital-to-your-doorstep companies with creative ideas built around their consumers and you’ll see that the data game is changing. Already what we know about acquisition and retention is shifting. Now, our consumers’ choices guide our marketing - gone are the days of the “we decide what they will want” mentality.

Customers are in complete control of their buying choices, and many empower marketers to leverage the trail of data they leave behind and to shape brands to fit their needs.

Here are three brands that are thinking about customer behaviour and examples of how they’re capturing data on the move!

The Five Four Club

This company builds you your very own customized outfits and sends them to your door every month. Imagine, the wardrobe you want arriving at your doorstep. It begins by asking a website visitor to select a style of outfit they are drawn to and then specific head-to-toe looks they like best. Next, it asks them to pick clothing sizes and sign-up! An easy process to build personal style and have it sent to your home.

The data insight: Walking customers through an experience that invites them to “choose their own adventure” is providing great data variables to store and segment for later marketing. The more you know about your customer’s or prospect’s journey through your brand, the better positioned you are to reach them later.

The W Club

This company quizzes you on palate flavours, then select wines for you and delivers them to your door. You have a personal Sommelier providing you with wine suggestions, but you’re the one providing feedback to customize an even more delicious future delivery!

The data insight: Customer feedback collected is a treasure trove for marketing teams. Other types of data, like customer feedback, can be just as valuable as an email address when it comes to your final sale. If you can’t give your customers what they want they’re not going to buy from you. Seeing data as more than an email address, but as a meter for your customer service is a great takeaway from this interesting business model.

Dollar Shave Club

A popular option for men who regularly shave and find the cost of razor blades too high. The Dollar Shave Club’s inexpensive and convenient monthly razor blade shipment is not only effective, but smart branding. The idea of a “gentlemen’s club” appeals to the target demographic and products are even arranged in this way - there’s even an executive razor membership.
The data insight:
Creative digital branding is an excellent way to invite in and capture more customer/prospect data. If you create a special club, community, subculture or enticing brand environment, the more you’ll be able to learn about your site visitors and purchasing patterns to further enhance your acquisition/retention.

Planning for different types of data in the age of the customer requires forward-thinking, reacting fast to customer interactions and building a data strategy. If you are interested in how to plan for your incoming new data, how to best target and segment that data or learn how to acquire more data - get in touch with us today!

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